The Indian Express


Neutral Gear: A line of gender fluid clothing for children questioning societal stereotypes

In the spirit of equality, the T-shirt line talks as much of girl empowerment as it does of biases that are stacked against boys. “Through statements like ‘boys don’t cry’ and ‘be a man’, boys are told to deny and hide their emotions. They grow up thinking emotions are a weakness,” says Malhotra.

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Times of India

Gender stereotypes hold back our children and hurt them emotionally

"Gender stereotypes hold back our children and hurt them emotionally. From a young age, our children are exposed to limited and limiting ideas about what it means to be a boy or a girl. Think superhero culture that idolises aggression, dominance and emotional denial for boys; or, think of a princess culture which tells girls that their true value is in their beauty and physical appearance."

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The Better India

Girls Can Wear Blue & Boys Pink: Delhi Moms Urge Gender Neutrality in Raising Kids!

Unfortunately, most of the images around us are all very gendered.

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Kids Stop Press

Kids' Tees That Help Break The Gender Bias

"For a country that is proud to have a Sakshi Malik and PV Sindhu- these collections inspire young girls to go ahead and pursue their dreams in sports and not buckle down to societal pressure."

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The News Minute

Girls play football, boys can cook: No gender stereotypes on these kids' tees.

"Fed up with subliminal messages on children's’ clothing perpetuating gender roles, two Delhi-based women started their own line for kids."

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Mom Junction

Momjunction proudly introduces EqualiTee - an awesome new collection of gender-cool merchandise that challenges flawed stereotypes and lets little boys and girls be whoever they wish to be.