Boys don’t cry!

Girls don’t play football!

Stereotypes established over centuries tell us behaviour expected of girls and boys. Images enacted in popular culture and endorsed by media repeatedly dictate conformity to these labels.

Our children end up constantly measuring their place in the world basis these expectations. What happens when our children’s TV shows, clothes, bags and toys all feed gender stereotypes that tell girls to focus on their appearance and boys to be aggressive for social success?

We let our children conform to gender stereotypes that limit their creativity, ambition and individual expression. We let them forget that boys are sensitive too; and yes, girls can play kickass football (and whichever other sport they wish to play); that between boys and girls there are no winners/ losers; that it is together that they win.

EqualiTee, our awesome new collection of gender-cool merchandise challenges stereotypes we inherited and lets our little boys and girls be whoever they wish to be

Come along.


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