We are India's first gender-cool brand for kids.

We dream of a world where all children are able to live their lives to full potential. A world where they are all able to aspire and achieve their dreams, free of any limiting expectations of what they should and can be. 

At Equalitee we leverage popular culture to positively influence attitudes & beliefs around gender roles in children and young adults. 



We see ourselves as ideators & creators on one hand and on the other hand as a catalyst & facilitator, to bring together the community. We aim to:

  1. Bring attention of parents and caregivers to the effects of unconscious bias on children’s growth and well-being
  2. Collaborate with schools, corporates, not-for-profits and influencers to build projects and create awareness campaigns 
  3. Engage with brands and media creators to challenge current gender representations and create positive, gender equal narratives
  4. Influence popular culture through gender positive merchandise